Buyer’s Preliminary Check List

You might know for sure what to consider when looking for a home; how many rooms you need, what neighborhood should be like, what the preferable area is, the price and so on. Still there are some very important, but hidden issues to look out for. Now, when after a hard and maybe a long journey you've found your dream home, take your time to teach yourself how you should breeze through the buying process. Make sure to find and print out a Home Inspection Checklist as well. 

Find the best kind of home for you: Do a little homework to finally decide what type of home you want. Choose the best neighborhood and get to know the most important features of your new home.

The Location: Check if the home location is convenient distance to supermarkets, schools, your office, hospitals, parks, entertainment, highways and public transport. These are things you'll deal with almost every day. So be careful and check each.

Be smart and bid smartly: Know the comparable homes in the area to help you to offer the best price.

Try to get a home warranty: It may cost a seller somewhere $400 and will cover cost for major repairs for at least a year depending on homeowner current contracts.

Be patient with the mortgage: Ask your friends, family members or your realtor for recommendation where and how to get referrals. Then be sure to calculate the down payment and all closing costs. Know if there is on option for you to pay upfront for a lower rate.

Don’t escape the home inspection: Find and print the checklist mentioned above.

The final walk-through: Check all in details. Have a look at appliances that are left and make sure they are all in good working condition. Check for mold and water on ceilings, central boiler, electrics.

Smart Features: These so popular today and sellers know how important they are for buyers and for their home price. So check all smoke detectors, smart thermostats, heating and cooling systems.

Check also: Doors, windows, roof, attic, damp and drains.

Exterior and backyard: Have a close look at the home exterior appearance and condition including fence, patio and yard space.

Up-front and other costs: Know how much you can spend. Calculate all costs and add them to the monthly mortgage payments. Some of the major costs included property insurance, initial deposit, legal fees, moving expenses, renovation costs and some other costs that you do not know yet, so be prepared.